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This is the original Mary-Kate and Ashley Icon icon competition community.
Anybody interested is welcome to join
-you do not have to make icons/banners to participate, you can still vote and comment
-you do not have to be super good at making icons/banners, just as long as you give it a try
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Each monday pictures will be posted.
Once you have made your icons/banners you must post them as a comment, to the entry that the pictures where originaly posted in.
All comments will be screened.
Please submit all entry's like the following, picture then link:
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(icon made by 0makemeperfect0)
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Rules for icon making:
-no animation
-The icon must be a 100x100
-The icon must be posted under the original entry that the base pics were posted in
-The icon maker must not show his/her icon to anybody until after judging
Rules for voting:
-You may not vote for you own icon/banner
-You can only use one LJ account to vote (If you are caught using more then one you will be banned)
-You can only vote once during each competition
-You may not get friends to join and vote for you
Above all
-Be nice to all the members
-Be fair
-Try your best
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UK time:
New pictures will be posted each Monday morning
Voting opens Friday morning
Voting Closes Sunday Night
Winners are posted Monday
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